International Business Data & Insights Organisation


A global financial information company was working on outdated mainframe systems, leading to niche job purposes and specialised knowledge required to complete tasks. Slow technology and lack of any intuitive interfaces left users struggling to achieve the best results they could. Due to increased amounts of incoming data, information was overlooked and, in some cases, totally lost resulting in unnecessary effort to rectify these frequent issues.


I worked with users through a series of custom designed workshops to understand the current pain points of their systems, mapping out stakeholders, touch-points and current journeys. This highlighted the scale of the problems being faced by the organisation. We then broke the organisation down into three main areas to give focus and streamline work.

Continuing to work closely with users, I started to understand system functionality and the goals trying to be achieved. This led to ideation and initial rounds of feedback to ensure I was moving in the correct direction. From here, the team began creating lo-fi wireframes and testing with users of the system. Hi-fi designs were produced allowing us to handoff concepts to development teams to be implemented. This process was used for a number of various areas and features across the projects and workstreams to help create human-centred designs and functionality.

Each workstream provided a unique set of users, stakeholders and challenges meaning I had to adapt as we moved onto new areas of the business. This helped me gain a rounded view of the organisation and how to help integrate each workstream more closely together.


  • Created new, responsive interfaces that brought the organisation up to modern day web and accessibility standards, easily usable by all users, new and old
  • Created treamlined systems that reduced the amount of duplicated effort that previously existed
  • Removed black holes for data – giving visibility of incoming data to be monitored and investigated at the click of a button
  • Newly built features and products were live and usable within six months allowing new and improved revenue streams for the business